From the Pastor’s Desk: November 12 th, 2023

One thing is for certain: change is part of the dynamic of life. As we move about during these days of the Fall season, we can see the changes of nature and God’s creation, whether it be the change of the leaves/foliage color, the chill in the air, or the hours of daylight growing shorter. Not only does nature go about its seasonal changes but so too do we as God’s children.
Of course, we know we go through our biological changes and become adults, but we also go through a maturing process that enable us to become what God calls each of us to be: human. Jesus took upon our flesh so as to show us what we must do to share His divinity. It’s called conversion, becoming transformed into the likeness of Christ, a child of God our Father. By living the life of the Spirit of God we more and more live a human life: being patient, kind, caring, compassionate, empathetic, merciful, mindful of the needs of others, humble, meek, and loving. Anything outside of being a person of integrity and virtuous is someone in need of a change, a conversion of the heart.
So, let us all be open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and participate in God’s working in each of us so as to change and be Christ-like. Yes, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Truth will surely set you free! Let us continue to grow and be united in the Mystical Body of Christ.
My seven years here at St. Jude Church has certainly been a time of change in so many ways, whether it be me personally or the overall physical change of our surroundings, and the spiritual outpouring of the Holy Spirit vivifying and building us up as a community of faith. Where we were when I first arrived and where we are now has gone through many upheavals, challenges, decisions, mistakes, successes, and lots of joy. As for myself I feel blessed and truly grateful to be your pastor and part of the St. Jude family!
There seems to be always something going on or on the horizon. One of the few new changes that has come upon us is the assistance from our Sunday visiting priests: Fr. Roy Tvrdik and Msgr. Joe Mirro. It is wonderful to have our past pastor Msgr. Mirro back at St. Jude Church helping out with celebrating Mass. Fr. Roy, as many of you know, is a Montfort priest who served at Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Manorville for many years. They both are grateful to be a part of our community here at St. Jude Church. They both have expressed their appreciation and have said what an awesome parish we have. Fr. Kline has been with us now for a few years and we are grateful for his service and also helping out during the weekdays and giving us our Bible Study classes every Friday. Fr. Leone went back to Florida for the change of climate, but for all of us we will miss him and love him.
With all this help from the visiting priest I have to apologize that sometimes the schedule excludes me from some Sunday Masses. I always have at least two, but this month I am absent from the ten o’clock Masses. If that’s my biggest concern I’m in good shape. It’s good that we have a varied number of priests who each of us have their unique charisms.
I want to give a big thank you to our Family Ministry for providing us with another great event of fun, dancing, and an overall enjoying evening for all. Thank you! I want all to know how much work goes into these events in order for it to be a wonderful time for all. Family Ministry helps make St. Jude Church a true parish community. God bless you!

St. Jude, pray for us ~                                                  


Fr. Ryan